our Medical marketing portfolio

FMC has a large portfolio of medical marketing and healthcare IT work which includes business consulting and development, advanced technological solutions, internet marketing (including running client newsletters and other content) and editorial services for private medical and healthcare businesses

Here are some of our achievements

  • 35000 Registered Customers on UK sites
  • 20000 Registered European Customers

Successful internet marketing campaigns across many different medians, doubling the number of orders and consultations made in the last 12 months. FMC currently provides medical IT systems throughout the world; international sites include Italy, France, Germany and Japan.

Provision of highly inter-active systems not offered by other IT suppliers

  • Customers can log in and request orders and refill prescriptions 24hrs a day
  • Direct patient access to Doctor for online consultation
  • Live Operators offering online support.

Provision of Services for different registered medical professionals including doctors and pharmacists

Development of Secure Payment Gateways Systems.


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Sun Pharma Successfully Acquires InSite Vision
Publish Date: Tuesday, 3 Nov 2015 01:00:00 GMT

Sun Pharma Successfully Acquires InSite Vision
 Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (Reuters: SUN.